A selection of testimonials from some of the many crew members who’ve had rewarding sailing experiences on East End Endeavour:

“Learning to sail on East End Endeavour is the real deal. This boat has history! It’s great to join the ranks of those who have learned the ropes since 1982. Sailing to the Outer Hebrides was a tough but ultimately rewarding experience. She is a proper tough, heavy, old school boat – the kind that gives you confidence.” ~ Bevis (film maker)

“Did my Competent Crew on EEE with Sam and Jenny. A most wonderful learning and sailing experience. This isn’t a luxury cruiser, this is a real training yacht. A brilliant way to learn to sail. You really are put through your paces and learn how to crew.” ~ Sheila (college lecturer & occupational therapist)

“Our Comp Crew week on EEE was an amazing experience. Fantastic, relaxed teaching, I was pushed to do things I didn’t think I could do and my confidence grew throughout the week. Sailing is a definite every year from now! Lots of fun and laughs along the way.” ~ Lesley (college lecturer & occupational therapist)

“Every trip on EEE is better than the last one….and the first trip was ace! Perfect combination of great company, learning lots, fantastic scenery and all on board a well organised boat!” ~ Ged (risk consultant)

“I discovered sailing late in life – after I had retired. I wish I had known much earlier that yacht sailing isn’t just a hobby for the rich and that you didn’t have to have your own boat and loads of RYA certificates … I have done things I would never have dreamt of attempting and I have seen some amazing sights…” ~ John (retired secondary head teacher) Read more of John’s story

“Sam, I would like to thank you for your kindness and hospitality. Thanks to you and Peter, I discovered and admired Scotland, a beautiful and mysterious country. This trip also allowed me to think of a great metaphysical question … “the meaning of life.” You seem to have reached such serenity aboard your boat.” ~ Rose (product manager, France)